Eva Mendes Does Elle Magazine

September 19, 2008 By:
Eva Mendes Does Elle Magazine

Does Eva Mendes ever look bad? The silver screen goddess is featured in this months Elle magazine, which includes a sultry photo shoot. In the issue Eva talks about being too hot for tv, fashion, and her body. Here are some excerpts from the article via Just Jared.

On being too hot for her TV Calvin Klein commercial:
[It] isn't shocking at all. But it does have a really intimate quality that makes people nervous. It just isn't that big a deal.'

On her earlier fashion choices:
At the beginning of my career, I wore so many turtlenecks, my publicist told me to stop. She was like, 'People are going to think you have some kind of problem under there!'

On the newfound happiness for her body:
I feel so happy to be in my skin...more beautiful than ever before.'

On what she does when no one is around:
I walk around the house naked - I do! One of my girlfriends always jokes, 'I'm coming over with someone, so please come to the door dressed.''