Why Eva Should Have Left Tony After Five Months

November 23, 2010 By:
Why Eva Should Have Left Tony After Five Months

Eva Longoria may have been left shocked after seeing her husband Tony Parker was sexting another woman—but this aint her first rodeo!

For the last week, we’ve been hearing this isn’t the first affair Tony had during their three-year marriage, and now sources say Eva knew a lot more than she let on.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane…the first few months of marriage are supposed to be bliss—but it was anything but in the Parker house.

New Tony Parker Mistress Comes Forward

In December of 2007—five months into their marriage—tabloids reported Parker had been having an affair with model Alexandra Paressant, but both camps denied it.

Tony and Eva’s rep issued a statement saying, "All high profile couples fall victim to these sorts of things in the course of their relationships. It appears that this is not the first time this woman has used an athlete to gain public notoriety."

Tony to Eva: I'm Divorcing You!

But sources tell Popeater that the damage was done. "There is much, much more to this story than that. Don't think for one second Eva made this decision lightly. Stuff went down that she will never talk about,” says a source close to the situation.

“She is far too much of a lady to air her dirty laundry in public, but let's just say Tony knows exactly what he did to her and it wasn't the first time and wouldn't have been the last. Trust has been broken, as well as Eva's heart."

Added the insider, "You just don't get up and walk away from a marriage because of a few text messages.”

Friends say the incident with the model wasn’t the only time Tony was unfaithful to Eva, and that she’s been dealing with insecurities throughout their entire marriage.

"Once a cheater always a cheater," a friend of Eva's says.

Tony couldn’t more typical of a married NBA player who casually cheats on his wife—it’s just more shocking and newsworthy because he happens to be married to Eva Longoria.

But mark my words—there will be more women to come forward in the coming weeks. There’s never just one or two when it comes to mistresses!