Why Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez Broke Up

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Why Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez Broke Up
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Never have I ever heard of two people breaking up over “scheduling conflicts.” Not until Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez, that is.

After several months of dating, Eva Longoria, 37, and her New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, 25, have called it quits.

Their rep told Us Weekly that the break-up “really was about scheduling more than anything else.”

What about their age differences? Did they want to mention that at all? Or what about Mark’s dating history. I mean, he dated boob-queen Kate Upton for crying out loud!

“Mark adores and respects Eva, they will remain close friends,” adds Mark’s rep. 

They blame their break-up on their different lifestyles. Namely, Mark “likes to go out and have fun,” says a source, while Eva is “more focused on her career and her philanthropic work.”

Apparently they broke up about a week ago. Mark was spotted in downtown NYC over the weekend without Longoria, a rare sighting, and was chatting up and flirting with tons of women.

But the split was amicable, “There was no drama. They just have completely different schedules and lifestyles,” says the source.

Longoria is very busy at the moment, because she’s working on the Obama campaign and prepping for a new film role. While Mark is busy playing football and apparently going out to NY nightclubs. NBD.

I’m actually surprised these two split. A month ago they were looking for houses together

This is perfect timing for Eva. She’s currently in the process of having a tattoo of her ex-husband’s basketball jersey number removed from the back of her neck.

The tattoo is currently just a red blob on her neck, because tat removal isn’t an instant process.

With no tattoos dedicated to exes and no boyfriend, Eva is a free agent!