Tony Parker's Camp: There Was No Affair

November 18, 2010 By:
Tony Parker's Camp: There Was No Affair

Now that Tony Parker is about to replace Jesse James as the world's most hated man, he's trying to do some serious control--first on his agenda? Deny til you die!

Instead of releasing his own statement denying the affair, a "source close to Tony" aka: Tony, claims he wasn't having a physical affair and it was nothing but a bunch of flirty texts.

Tony Parker's Mistress Revealed

"They knew each other, sent each other messages," the 'source' claims. "It was flirtatious, but he never did anything with her."

How bad must have those texts been if as soon as Eva Longoria saw them she made a beeline to court to divorce his @ss?!

I'm not buying the whole "it was just flirtatious" BS excuse. A woman doesn't leave her man after seven years over an innocent flirtatious text. Sorry Tony, you’re still on the sh*t list.