Tony Parker on Divorce: At Least I Still Got Basketball

January 13, 2011 By:
Tony Parker on Divorce: At Least I Still Got Basketball

Pepe le Douche Tony Parker has broken his silence on his split from Eva Longoria.

He spoke with the only publication who would listen to his BS French newspaper Le Parisien about how he’s dealing with it.

"The most important thing is to stay strong mentally, even if these are very difficult times. I've taken refuge in basketball because that's what I've done best since my youth.

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“You have to know how to keep things in perspective. I am, first of all, a basketball player. I've done this for so very long … For me, it's been essential to be successful on the court."

Ok, seriously???? Obviously he knows squat about “keeping things in perspective,” since he cheated on his wife more than once! Tony goes on to pretend his San Antonio Spurs teammates are standing by him. Yeah, right.

"I appreciate the support of [my] teammates, coaches and San Antonio. My whole family has been around me through this."

Tony needs to wake the f**k up. If anyone is pretending to stand by him right now, it’s simply because he’s rich and they want to continue riding the gravy train.

Eva is so much better off without this idiot!