Source: Tony Parker Begging Eva for Forgiveness

November 17, 2010 By:
Source: Tony Parker Begging Eva for Forgiveness

Cue the guilty conscience! Sources say Tony Parker is already trying to do damage control after being caught red-handed cheating on his gorgeous wife Eva Longoria.

"Tony is begging for forgiveness," an insider tells E! Online.. "But Eva is heartbroken. He was caught red-handed."

Tony Parker Cheated With Teammate's Wife

But this isn’t brand new information to Eva—apparently she found out about the affair weeks ago. "She's been dealing with this for a long time," one source said.

Ever since Longoria found out, Tony has been trying to reconcile with her and make things better. But obviously that aint gonna happen—Eva filed for divorce this morning. Sources say she’s “devastated” and will spend Thanksgiving with her family.

Eva Longoria Files for Divorce

This is so heartbreaking, considering just last month Longoria told Redbook, “My worst habit in the kitchen is not allowing anybody to help me. I like to cook by myself. Tony calls me “the crazy woman” at Thanksgiving.

He says, “Don’t get near her; she’s in her crazy mode. I always host Thanksgiving at our house. We typically have about 20 to 25 people, family and friends, including all of the "homeless" basketball players on Tony's team who live too far away to go home for the holiday. I deep-fry our turkey. It's juicier than roasting it."

Tony can kiss his doting wife goodbye after what he did—I’m still waiting on the dirty details, and you’ll be the first to know once I hear all the gossip.

Stay tuned.