New Tony Parker Mistress Comes Forward

November 22, 2010 By:
New Tony Parker Mistress Comes Forward

Tony Parker has been a naughty naughty boy! Not only was he getting down and dirty with his ex teammates wife, Eric Barry, he was reportedly sending half naked sexts to British model Sophia Egeler.

Eva Longoria is definitely going to be pissed about this one. Not only was Tony sending Sophia flirty sexts, he sent her half naked photos of himself begging her to meet up with him. He pulled a Brett Favre before Brett Favre pulled a Brett Favre.

Tony to Eva: I'm Divorcing You

Sophia told The UK Sun newspaper: "From the minute he met me he was trying it on. I had no idea he was Eva Longoria's husband. He would not take no for an answer and was telling me how much he liked me."

So how did these two meet? Tony met Sophia at an Ultimate Fighting show in London and afterwards persuaded her to join him at London nightspot Whisky Mist with Arsenal soccer player Bacary Sagna.

She added: "I decided at 1am I wanted to leave but Tony followed me into the street. He begged me to come back to a house he claimed was his. I said no."

Apparently Tony doesn't take no for an answer, he got her phone number from a friend and started sending her the naked photos and telling her he was coming to Brighton to see her.

Keep the Tattoo: Pro Athletes Eva Can Date

Apparently the sexts stopped last week when news of the divorce broke. Sophia is probably just one of a dozen other girls that will most likely come forward in the next few weeks.

What was Eva thinking marrying a 25 year old athlete? Of course he's going to cheat! He's 25 and he's an athlete!