Making A Difference: Eva Longoria, Mark Ruffalo & Ashley Judd

July 4, 2012 By:
Making A Difference: Eva Longoria, Mark Ruffalo & Ashley Judd

When it comes to political activism and Hollywood, there’s definitely a few key go-to names. Sean Penn has adopted Haiti, George Clooney has claimed Africa and Angelina Joile is basically saving the world. And good for them, we will continue to applaud all their efforts!

But there is a lot of good being done by many other celebrities who enjoy being able to bring recognition to causes and or give back to the various communities that they support. Here are three of our favorites:

Eva Longoria:

Her Eva Longoria Foundation ( aims to “empower Latinas to reach their potential through education and entrepreneurship,” by helping the youth with their education and adults with “career training, mentorship, capital and opportunity” regarding entrepreneurial endeavors. Eva wants to make the country a better place by investing in the future of one of our most rapidly growing populations. And you thought she was just a really pretty face.

Ashley Judd:

Though Judd has made philanthropic contributions to a ton of charities and causes, she dedicates most of her do-gooding efforts to raising global awareness in regards to the AIDS epidemic. Since 2002, she has worked as a Global Ambassador for the YouthAIDS organization and also holds a seat on their board of directors.According to their website, she was the subject of three part documentary that aired on major networks in 150 countries, has given a ton of media interviews, has spoken with legislators, the UN, the National Press Club and has testified for the Senate Foreign Relations. She also travels around for other human rights campaigns that aim to do things like end genocide and crimes against humanity. No big.
After all these amazing accomplishments, we’re sure glad she never decided to just drop everything to join the family band.

Mark Ruffalo:

Ruffalo was recently on “Real Time With Bill Maher” talking about the responsibility artists have to raise the public's awareness for various causes.
And though he has been politically outspoken for years, his latest passion includes his co-founding of Water Defense. It’s an anti-fracking advocacy organization, trying to shed some light on the public and environmental health risks of the mining and drilling process that has,”poisoned countless communities' drinking water with methane, benzene, lead, and thousands of other known carcinogens and deadly toxins, leaving parents helpless to protect their children from what comes out of the tap.”Water Defense is urging Americans to choose clean energy, over the fossil fuels that are poisoning our most valuable and alarming rare natural resource.Trust us people, go along with it. Besides the fact that it makes sense, we definitely don’t want to make this Hulk angry.

Thank you to the three of these actors for what they do for all of us, both on and off the screen.