Keep the Tattoo! Pro Athletes Eva Longoria Can Date

November 19, 2010 By:
Keep the Tattoo! Pro Athletes Eva Longoria Can Date

Before you consider getting your man’s name tattooed on your body, think of Eva Longoria. Now that she’s on her way to splittsville, what’s she going to do with all the tattoos she got for Tony Parker?

She got their wedding date (7-7-2007) tattooed on her wrist, his initials tattooed on a “secret spot that only Tony can see” (not anymore!) and his jersey number (nine) tattooed on the back of her neck.

How Eva Found Out Tony Was Cheating

So not only does she have to nurse a broken heart, she’s going to have to go through some seriously painful laser treatments.

Good news is if she wants to keep that strange-looking nine tattoo, she can just date another pro athlete!

  • Let’s start with football! Tony Romo is absolutely adorable and he’s from Eva’s home state, Texas! He may have left Jessica Simpson the night before her 30th birthday but we’ll let that slide for now…and the fact that he has a girlfriend. All that matters is that he’s a nine right? Kidding! Well he’s more like a 7.5, but he’ll make a good rebound.
  • If Tony doesn’t tickle her pickle, how about a hockey player? I know Eva likes ‘em young so how bout NHL player Zach Parise? He’s #9 for the New Jersey Devils. If he’s anything like Hilary Duff’s hubby she’ll get a million dollar engagement ring and a car for their first anniversary. Not too shabby.
  • Moving on, let’s find a nice baseball player for our little Eva. Since Eva lives in LA for ‘Desperate Housewives’ we found her the perfect boytoy and he’s just a hop skip and a jump away. Russ Mitchell plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers and he’s just what Eva needs to get her mind off Tony. He’s only 25, but Eva has cougared out before, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
  • If Eva discovered those sexts earlier, she could have totally dated Cristiano Ronaldo! He used to be number seven when he played for Manchester United, then he switched to nine, but is now back to number seven. I could totally see Eva fitting in with the other soccer WAGs—maybe Ronaldo could just make the switcheroo back to 9 for Eva. She's just gotta fight off his girlfriend Irina Shayk first and she better be careful cause Russians are known to put up a good fight.
  • And if her heart is still set on a basketball player, Eva can always make Tony jealous by dating Los Angeles Lakers player Matt Barnes. He called off his wedding to fiancé Gloria Govan just months before they were set to get married, so obviously he has some commitment issues. Maybe just keep this one as a rebound guy, Eva.
  • And if all else fails, Eva’s just going to have to suck it up and get all those tats removed. Unless she wants to date Tyler Perry, or T-Pain—then the T.P. can stay.