From Gerard Butler to Eva Longoria: Celebrity Thanksgiving Day Plans

November 24, 2011 By:
From Gerard Butler to Eva Longoria: Celebrity Thanksgiving Day Plans

One more day until we all get to stuff our faces with a ton of food. Then, we'll pass out on the couch, only to wake up and stuff ourselves some more. I've already got my stretchy pants on.

From family to food to friends, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. You show up to someone's house with a green bean casserole, and the return on your side dish investment is amazing.

Hollyscoop talked to the stars to see what they were doing for Thanksgiving, and while some of them are going traditional, others have some pretty unconventional plans. Check out what all these celebrities are doing for Thanksgiving.

Billy Bob Thornton told Hollyscoop: "We have a really traditional Thanksgiving just with the family at the house. We don’t do anything too wild, you know."

Not that he doesn’t get down at other times during the year: "You save that kind of stuff for Fourth of July," the actor says.

Gerard Butler tells Hollyscoop he doesn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving, but he usually has a place to go:

"Sometimes I get adopted by families depending on where I am."

Hmmm, I've been considering adoption...

David Arquette told Hollyscoop: "You always have to have a big Thanksgiving and Christmas."

And Eva Longoria, now known for her cooking skills, told us: "We're doing the non-Thanksgiving this year. My family and I are going to Vegas. We will have Turkey but it's the first year I'm not going to be cooking."

Hey, nothing wrong with hitting the roulette wheel in between seconds and thirds. Thanksgiving traditions have to start somewhere.

Twilight star Kellan Lutz has an exciting one planned: "Going to Australia for Thanksgiving," Lutz told us.

And don't try to get a hold of Chad Michael Murray on Thanksgiving:

"I’m going to relax, do some writing, take the time to just turn off the phone and enjoy myself," Murray told Hollyscoop.

And Jack Black assured us, "there will be a lot of eating."

Actress turned director Lea Thompson has a silver screen icon coming to her house for the big day:

"Shirley McLane is coming to my house for Thanksgiving," Thompson told us. " I hope she likes those white trash yams that I make with the marshmallows!"

Thanksgiving is one of the most indulgent, relaxing holidays, but it does have its risks. Chris Gaylor of the All American Rejects warned us:

"There are a couple people in our town that burn the garages down by frying turkeys."

Tyson Ritter agrees: "It's like 5 minutes a pound, and it will kill you!"