Eva Longoria Still Heartbroken Over Divorce

April 8, 2011 By:
Eva Longoria Still Heartbroken Over Divorce

Eva Longoria might have a handsome new dude on her arm, but she's still not over her divorce from Tony Parker. You traded up, Eva! Why are you still crying about your 1983 Festiva?

On Piers Morgan Tonight, Piers didn't hold back, asking Longoria some tough questions about last year's divorce to Tony.
Piers asked: "What was it like for you when it all exploded? When all of sudden the fairytale suddenly was hit by this hammer blow."

In tears, Eva replied: "It was heartbreaking. It was. it's the first time I'm talking about it. I'm sorry."

The couple were married for seven years, and divorced after allegations he was cheating on Longoria with the wife of a teammate.
For looking like a taller version of Mr. Bean, Tony Parker sure does get laid a lot.

Longoria continued, "so many people want me to hate him or want to just destroy him. And I don't. I wish nothing but the best for him." She also says the two still communicate.

Longoria must be pretty broken up about the divorce if dating Eduardo Cruz can't even take away the pain.