Eva Longoria’s Ex Is Having a Baby

October 31, 2013 By:
Eva Longoria’s Ex Is Having a Baby
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Eva Longoria and Tony Parker divorced in 2011 and since then we haven’t spent a single second dwelling on the former Mr. Eva Longoria.

That is, until now.

While Eva Longoria is dating reality show contestants and twenty-something football players, her ex is having a baby!

Tony shared the news on Twitter: “Hey just wanted to say that I’m very happy today. Me and my future Wife going to have a Baby Boy!!!!”

Of course, Eva probably doesn’t give two sh*ts about it, she’s so damn flawless and powerful and doing her “independent woman” thing like a true boss. But still, one must wonder how she feels about her ex's latest announcement.

In case you were wondering, Eva was last spotted getting cozy with another one of her exes, Eduardo Cruz (Penelope Cruz’s little bro).