Eva Longoria Ready for Motherhood

April 7, 2011 By:
Eva Longoria Ready for Motherhood

Watch out, Eduardo Cruz, Eva Longoria says she's ready to be a mom!

In an upcoming episode of The Rachel Ray Show, Longoria said, "[I want to] have kids and be a mom,"

If you read between the lines in that statement, I think what she's trying to say is she wants to have kids. Longoria also said she has a tough time dating because she's "not very approachable." I can see that. I mean, it took a whole week for her to start dating after her divorce.

"I'm not good with [dating], I get really nervous! It's probably strange [that] I've never been a dater. I've been married or in a relationship, and so this is going to be, you know, scary."

Longoria says she practices motherhood on her girlfriends. She's taken two of them in to live with her.

"I'm like the mother hen for a sorority house. It's all women, all the time. So, we're always cooking! I love it!"

She's so tiny, I'm not sure how she pulls this off. Because, as a fellow hobbit, I find no one takes me seriously when I try to assert myself as a figure of authority. I give my friends advice, and they just giggle, look at me and say, "aww, it's trying to be all grown up. How cute!"