Eva Longoria Ready for a Baby

June 17, 2010 By:
Eva Longoria Ready for a Baby

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker may be the next hot celebrity parents!

At the Gillette Fusion Ultimate Summer Job event Tuesday in NYC, Tony told Us Magazine, "We're thinking about it. Pretty soon. She's got one more year with Desperate Housewives, so we'll see what happens."

He also said that not only would Eva be a "great" mom, but he thinks he would be a natural dad. "I'd be great. I love kids," he said.

Eva Longoria Spoils Tony Parker

Deep down, Tony probably wants a boy so he can shoot hoops with him. But he gave the PC answer and said he doesn't care about the sex. "I don't care ," Parker said. "I would love to have both."

And when it comes to family size, Tony said Eva wears the pants in that scenario. "We'll see. It depends on her," Tony joked.

Awww! Tony is so sweet! The two of them are gorgeous, and would make the cutest babies, so we hope they get a move on! Desperate Housewives shouldn't be an issue--that would make a great storyline!