Eva Longoria Pulls a Miley With Her Hair

November 13, 2012 By:

Eva Longoria on WhoSay

Eva Longoria has ditched her luscious locks in favor of a new look that I will blame Miley Cyrus for starting.

Eva is rocking a new short hair do that is part mohawk part Kris Jenner.

Eva is screaming in the photo as if to say, “OMG I look so much like Kris Jenner now, I want to go back, I want to go baaaaccckkk!!!”

Well, we can all release a sigh of relief, it’s not permanent.

“She’s at a photo shoot right now. It’s a wig,” Eva’s reps tells Hollyscoop.

Phew, I was afraid Eva saw Miley Cyrus’s twitter photos and was all like “CHOP IT OFF! I want to be a teen bride too!”

Apparently the hair piece is one of Ken Paves’ famous wigs. Ken is famous for styling celebrity hair and is known for his wig work.

Tons of fans have been tweeting at Eva for fear that she ditched her hair and she’s been tweeting back stuff like, “Ok I’m kidding, it’s a wig!” and “It’s a @kenpaves hair piece! Cool huh?”

Check out Eva’s new hair and more of her behind-the-scenes photos on her WhoSay account.