Eva Longoria Never Wears Underwear Anywhere

May 30, 2013 By:
Eva Longoria Never Wears Underwear Anywhere
Image By: wenn.com

Studies show that the average American male between the ages of 17 and 49 wonders if Eva Longoria is wearing underwear approximately 25 times a day.

It’s just one of those real facts you won’t find under the cap of a Snapple bottle that we like to share around here for your academic benefit. You are welcome because we just saved you $2.10 (the average price of a Snapple).

That number increased tenfold when on May 18 Eva hiked her dress up in the rain a little too much at Cannes and—whoops!—exposed that she was completely bare down there.

Before you excuse her faux pas and say she’s in France, where wearing underwear is practically considered by fashion bloggers to be avant-garde and a “fashion risk,” she does this everywhere, regardless of where latitude and longitude meet on a map.

“Eva never wears underwear, a source close to Eva told In Touch, and that she “goes commando at every event, formal or not.”

It actually started off as an “inside joke within her close group of friends” when at Mario Lopez’s wedding “she went commando, was thrown in the pool and flashed everyone.”

Mario got married in December of last year, and Eva's risque underwear reputation has worn thin, like telling the same joke over and over and over at every party for the past five months. Everyone’s being forced to just awkwardly fake laugh at Eva’s once-hilarious vagina. It’s becoming tiresome.

“Her close friends are getting annoyed because they think she only does it to get attention from men,” the source added. “And they don’t want that attention to come from their husbands and boyfriends!”

It’s a far-fetched claim to assume that it’d take more than Eva’s—hmm, let’s go with, um, face, for example—to get another male’s attention, but let’s just go with it.

Eva couldn’t be reached for comment because she’d just ask, “What’s underwear?”