Eva Longoria Makes Divorce Sound Awesome

September 15, 2011 By:
Eva Longoria Makes Divorce Sound Awesome
Eva Longoria went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss her divorce from Tony Parker and talk about her "happy place."

"I'm in a really happy place," Longoria told Ellen. "And people keep saying I look younger!"

Well, you're also banging Penelope Cruz's hot brother, which 3 out of 4 scientists believe is the secret to looking young.

"Everybody was just pulling for you and hoping you'd be happy, because we love you so much," DeGeneres said. She then asked Eva what lessons she's learned from the split, which she announced in November 2010.

"For me, being a woman, I realized you cannot identify yourself through a man or through your marriage ... or through a partner." Ellen then high-fives her—which leads me to believe that Ellen is drunk, because that's the only time grownups high five each other—but anyway, Eva continues: "I think it’s our nature to be socially constructed that way. To just be inferior or subservient and you don’t have to be."

Longoria added: " You can be yourself and really hold your own by yourself no matter what partnership you’re in,” Longoria said.

So looks like Eva's doing okay post-split. "I’m going, 'Wow!' I think divorce agrees with me!" She makes divorce sound great. Like it's a day at the spa. I'm not even married, and I want one.

Ellen then asked, "You and Tony are friendly: do you still talk?"

"No," Eva said.

Hollyscoop talked to Eva, asking her how she gets over her tough times.

"Every time I go through a tough time I just lean on my family," Eva told us.

Longoria married Parker in 2007, three years after they met at a Spurs game in 2004. Their divorce was finalized in January 2011, amid Parker's alleged cheating. Ever since, it seems like Eva's carried the rep of being strong, independent woman.

Pop star Demi Lovato told Hollyscoop: "I look up to a lot of people, someone that I really look up to is Eva Longoria also Rosario Dawson. They are actually friends of mine, they are really sweet. They do a lot, they are activist. They do a lot with their voices they aren't just actresses they take stands and pay attention to current events, it is ultimately what I want to."

Indeed, Eva loves lending her time to charitable projects. She told Hollyscoop:

"I always think it’s important to bring awareness to minority or a minority population, and whether your Latino or Black or a woman or deaf, it still falls into that category of needing support from people."