Eva Longoria Is Godmother To Victoria And David Beckham's Daughter

May 31, 2012 By:
Eva Longoria Is Godmother To Victoria And David Beckham's Daughter

In case you didn’t know…Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria are besties. Kate Beckinsale makes an appearance in their friend circle every now and again, but she’s kind of like the Matt Damon to George Clooney and Brad Pitt’s holy bromance, you know, the third wheel.

Anyway, since Longoria and Beckham are soul sisters, it only makes sense that Longoria is going to be the godmother to Beckham’s only daughter, Harper Seven.

“Victoria asked me to be Harper’s godmother and of course I said yes. I’m absolutely thrilled. Harper is simply adorable,” Longoria told The Mirror.

Not only that, the Beckham brood is planning a big christening ceremony for Harper and they are reportedly inviting all their celebrity pals to their mansion in the UK that they’ve affectionately dubbed “Beckingham Palace.”

“David and Victoria feel it’s important Harper is christened. And they wanted the ceremony in the UK,” a source tells the paper.

Elton John is reportedly the godfather to the Beckham boys Brooklyn Joseph and Romeo James and their godmother is Elizabeth Hurley. This is one star-studded godfamily!

I have no idea who Cruz Beckham’s godparents are!? But it’s probably someone fabulous and British, actually it’s probably Kate Middleton, I wouldn’t even be surprised.