Eva Longoria: 'I Am Still a Hopeless Romantic'

April 10, 2012 By:
Eva Longoria: 'I Am Still a Hopeless Romantic'

Eva Longoria recently broke up with Eduardo Cruz, her hot rebound from Tony Parker. And despite having been through a lot of heartbreak in the past few years, Eva says she's still in love with love.

“I don't really have a philosophy on love,” Eva said. “But I am a hopeless romantic.”

Longoria and Cruz dated for over a year before they split last month. Last weekend, though, they did have a small post-breakup date. I mean, have you seen Eduardo Cruz? You don't just come off of that cold turkey. You've got to wean yourself from that one.

Despite the breakup, Eva is keeping her head up. Eva told Hollyscoop, “Everyday I strive to be happy, so yeah, I think everyday is another victory for happiness.”

Hollyscoop asked Eva in the past how she gets through tough times. The Desperate Housewives star told us, “Every time I go through a tough time, I just lean on my family.”

Meanwhile, Longoria has a new dating show in the works. Provisionally titled, All About Love, the series is a matchmaking show, in which the country's top matchmakers set up singles.

According to the New York Post, the show is developed by Eva's UnbeliEVAble Entertainment company and will go into production this month.

“It's a modern take on dating,” Eva says of the project. “The format is new and different.”

But back to Eduardo Cruz and that mysterious post-split date. Is there a possibility Eva and Eduardo could be reconciling?

“I'm not talking about that,” Eva said.