Eva Longoria Getting Rid of Tony Parker Tattoo

January 19, 2012 By:
Eva Longoria Getting Rid of Tony Parker Tattoo

There’s a lesson here, ladies. Don’t get your man tattooed on your body in any way, shape or form. Between this and Jesse James’ face on Kat Von D’s stomach, I don’t understand why people keep doing this.

Eva Longoria once had the number “nine” tattooed on the back of her neck, which is the Basketball number of her now ex Tony Parker. Not quite as bad as his childhood photo on her stomach, but I’d want to get it removed, too.

Eva has been going to Dr. Tattoff, a renowned tattoo guy removal person. And by the way, changing your last name to reflect your profession is awesome and I think every doctor should do it. Optometrist? Dr. Eyes. Proctologist? Dr. Ass. You get the idea.

Longoria headed to the office on Wednesday, to get all traces of the tattoo removed. According to TMZ, Longoria was accompanied by her “new guy,” which is reportedly Eduardo Cruz, Penelope Cruz’s brother.

And speaking of Eduardo, the two were also spotted at The Grove in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Sporting a lone mustache (why for the love of god why), Eduardo held Eva’s hand at Barnes & Noble while they perused the Cooking section of the store.

Meanwhile, this is the final season of Desperate Housewives, and Eva says she’s planning to snag some souvenirs from the set.

“We got a call from ABC putting the kybosh on anybody taking anything from set, so now I’m not naming things in interviews that I'm going to steal because it`s not allowed,” Longoria said. “But we`re stealing some stuff later… but I'm not going to name what I'm stealing!”