Eva Longoria is Getting Married

July 8, 2013 By:
Eva Longoria is Getting Married

Well, what do you know? After giving everyone the runaround this year, Eva Longoria has finally confirmed she’s dating Ernesto Arguello—an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and most famously as the FORMER CONTESTANT OF THE DATING REALITY SHOW SHE PRODUCED (all caps for our own added emphasis because WTF?!?).

But before you’ve had a chance to marinate in that information, they’re also already reportedly taking the next step in their relationship: marriage.

“Eva is a firm believer in marriage,” a source told People. “Ernie [Ernesto] may be a player when he is single, but he’s never cheated on anyone and is very religious. I think the fact that he’s so family oriented is what got her.”

“My guess would be they’ll be married within the next year,” the source added.

Ernesto has already introduced Eva to his family. “It’s very real—they’re both in love, which is rare for him. They’re always together. His family likes her a lot…they’ve never seen him so taken by someone.”

Eva has been married twice before; most recently to NBA star Tony Parker