Eva Longoria and Penelope Cruz's Brother Heating Up

February 2, 2011 By:
Eva Longoria and Penelope Cruz's Brother Heating Up

Eva Longoria’s divorce was finalized like a second ago, and she’s already in a full-blown relationship with Penelope Cruz’s hot piece of a brother Eduardo Cruz.

Sources say things are really heating up between them, and he’s even been spending time at her home. According to People, they had a "flirty" night out last week watching the flamenco group Sir Sultry at the cabaret venue Café Was.

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"Eva and Eduardo seemed to have a good time together," a fellow diner says. "They were flirty, and held hands for a brief moment during the performance. Eva looked very happy and acted like a single girl that is ready for some fun."

"She looked very pretty with barely any makeup and she seemed to very much enjoy spending her evening with Eduardo.”

As for Eva’s work life, she’s back to her happy self on Desperate Housewives.
"Eva definitely seems to have moved on from her sad divorce drama," the source says. "Lately, she acts happier and more focused on the set."

So happy for her! Suck it, Tony Parker!