Eva Longoria: Alright Already, I’m Totally Dating Mark Sanchez

September 14, 2012 By:
Eva Longoria: Alright Already, I’m Totally Dating Mark Sanchez

Who can say “no” to Mario Lopez’ smile? Obviously not Eva Longoria!

The “Desperate Housewives” star has revealed that her and Mark Sanchez are more that just friends… She finally admitted to Lopez publically that the rumored couple was officially on.

“Mark and I are, you know, fine. We're happy just dating,” she said.

Eva’s slip of the tongue came after significant prodding from the host during an interview on “Extra.”

Lopez pulled out all the stops to get to bottom of the rumors, even whipping out a copy of the New York Post where Eva and Mark made the front page with their “Private Affair.”

Laughing, Eva said, “That’s horrible.”

“Well, I didn’t write it,” Mario replied.

It wasn’t long before the Mexican American stunner admitted defeat, playfully slapping the host and telling him “you’re an asshole.”

So yes, readers… Mark it in your celebrity journals… The Desperate Housewife and the New York Jets QB are officially bumping uglies.

The news arrives after a close source adamantly denied the rumors, insisting to Hollyscoop that Eva and Mark were not dating.

We reached out to the to the couple after they were seen several times together in public, often in romantic environments.

Earlier this month, Eva and Mark were seen out for dinner with friends in New Jersey where they shared food off of each other’s plates. The not-so-rendezvous was followed by a viewing of the Broadway play “Rock of Ages.”

Not to mention that Caribbean vacation they shared earlier this summer…

So, congrats to the couple and especially to Mr. Lopez… You twisted Eva’s arm in ways that others before were not able to.