Eva Doesn't Like To Kiss Her Co-Stars

August 14, 2008 By:
Eva Doesn't Like To Kiss Her Co-Stars

Eva Longoria Parker is so faithful to her husband, that she tries to convince directors on projects she does to eliminate kissing scenes for her character.

She says she doesn't want to kiss anyone that's not her husband Tony Parker.

She tells Latina magazine, "I always try to talk my way out of kissing scenes: 'Do they really need to kiss in this part? Can't they just hug?' The directors are like, 'No!'"

But her feeling is reciprocated by her on-screen Desperate Housewives husband Ricardo Chavira. Eva says, "Ricardo hates kissing me. We are both not really fond of the kissing scenes." Um, hellllloooooo?? It's called "acting" for a reason!