Eva and Tony: Reconciling or Not?

December 16, 2010 By:
Eva and Tony: Reconciling or Not?

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker have been spotted not once, but twice together since their split announcement. So what the hell is going on with them—are they trying to work things out, or is it dunzo for good? Finally, we have some answers.

The latest sighting was at a dive restaurant in Texas. The two were reportedly seen having a very friendly conversation together.

But according to RadarOnline.com, they are not getting back together.

"They are not getting back together... just trying to go through their divorce amicably," a source close to Longoria said.

I can’t believe Eva is being so cool about this whole thing. She freaking caught her husband in the worst way possible—well besides actually catching him in bed with another woman.

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Meanwhile, Erin Barry (the other woman) is trying to pretend she and Tony are “just friends,” as if that’s even appropriate.

"I did not have an affair with Tony Parker, nor did I pursue Tony Parker," Berry wrote on her website.

"Unfortunately, because our divorces are occurring at the same time, great speculation has been cast on our friendship. My friendship with Tony Parker had nothing to do with the end of my marriage (which is painful enough without this added drama), and to assume that we had an affair is naïve, ridiculous, and completely misguided."

Sadly, I’m a little relieved Eva is sticking to her guns and still divorcing Tony. She deserves a lot better!