Ethan Hawke: 'Sinister' Scared Me Beyond Recovery

October 2, 2012 By:
Ethan Hawke: 'Sinister' Scared Me Beyond Recovery

It’s so scary that even the cast was terrified.

Sinister creeps into theaters next weekend, causing horror enthusiasts to squeal with delight. But, for the uninformed and ill-prepared audience member, brace yourself for some serious scares.

Hollyscoop caught up with some of the cast of the film at the Los Angeles premiere.

For lead man Ethan Hawke, the experience of playing a role in the on screen horror has taken a toll on real life.

“Scary,” he says, describing the experience. “I still haven't recovered. I'm a shell of my formal self. I'm going to insane asylum after the premiere is over.”

“You should watch this film if you like watching scary movies,” he adds. “If you don't like scary movies, you should stay the hell away. But if you want to see a scary movie, this is what you want to be doing.”

The film follows Ethan’s character, Ellison; a crime novelist who discovers reels of home murder videos in the attic of his new family home.

Unfortunately for the family, his inspiration becomes their demise, and by watching the clips he unleashes an evil Pagan deity that has a bad habit of munching on the souls of innocent children.

Giving this film an extra sharp, “sinister” edge in is the raw, 16mm found footage that it incorporates, showcasing the deity who is said to live in the images.

Like Ethan’s acting experience, the footage bleeds into Ellison’s real life, giving plenty of opportunities for the audience to jump, cringe and possibly bring a ghost home with them...

To hold you over until the Sinister fun on October 12, check out the trailer here… If you dare!