"Escort" Getting A Lot Of Publicity

March 13, 2008 By:

The Eliot Spitzer hooker scandal doesn’t seem to be dying down. Mr. Clean might have lost his job, but the “escort” involved in the scandal is gaining a lot.

Ashley Alexandra Dupré is the 22 year old involved in the scandal with Spitzer. She is an aspiring singer who is getting a lot of attention these past few days. The media found Ashley’s Myspace
profile and she has gotten over 5 million hits in the past few days.

Ashley’s song has even been getting played on radio stations all over the U.S.

"Z100 is all about playing what's hot, and we can't think of anything hotter than a song from the woman at the center of a scandal that took down the governor of New York," says Tom Poleman who works at Z100 New York. "On top of that, it's a surprisingly good song. Looks like she may have a new career; this time in music."

According to our calculations, Ashley should be getting a reality show within the next week and a record deal within a few months.