ESPN Reporter's Stalker Arrested

October 5, 2009 By:
ESPN Reporter's Stalker Arrested

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews can rest a little easier tonight! The FBI has arrested a 48-year man named Michael David Barrett, and charged him with felony stalking.

Back in July, video clips of Erin walking around naked in her hotel rooms surfaced, which had been shot through various keyholes. And thankfully, they finally caught the guy!

According to TMZ, Barrett, who was arrested at the Chicago O’Hare International airport yesterday, allegedly used a hidden cam to shoot footage of Andrews walking around nude in several hotel rooms.

The FBI has released a statement saying, Michael allegedly stalked Erin, “With the intent to harass, to place under surveillance with intent to harass and intimidate, and to cause substantial emotional distress to a person in another state.”

He now faces federal charges of stalking for shooting through the hotel room peepholes, and then posting as well as trying to sell the invasive videos.

A federal magistrate is scheduled to decide Monday whether Barrett should be sent to Los Angeles as a federal prisoner or free on bail to face charges.

We’re sure Erin is hoping for no bail!