Eric Dane Doesn't Have Cancer

February 13, 2008 By:
Eric Dane Doesn't Have Cancer

Remember the OK! magazine issue which came out last week? Let me refresh your memory. OK! claimed that 'Grey's Anatomy' hottie Eric Dane aka McSteamy is battling cancer and that he had to have some malignant cells on his lip frozen off with liquid nitrogen in a doctor's office.

Eric is a little confused as to why the publication would print something like that because "Eric Dane does not have cancer," according to his rep.

Dane's rep tells Us Weekly that "He spoke with OK! to clear up some inaccuracies they were planning to run. His story certainly does not compare with those actually suffering from the disease."

Dane is apparently "mortified" by the cover. "Never in a million years would he have expected they would exploit his story," says the source. "He's considering legal action."

You would think a big publication like OK! would do some extensive research before running a story like that, but who has time to research when you have a tabloid magazine to run, right?