Eric Bana: Beams About Star Trek

April 30, 2009 By:
Eric Bana: Beams About Star Trek

According to Eric Bana, the new Star Trek
movie “is as big as it gets.” spoke exclusively with the actor at the Tribeca Film Festival Premier of his new movie Love the Beast. In the indie flick, Eric plays himself in the role of automotive junkie who falls in love with his first vehicle.

So how does Love the Beast compare to Eric’s upcoming role in Star Trek? "The films are polar opposites,” Eric says. He feels “very fortunate to be able to do both kinds of movies (big and small).”

“I enjoy mixing it up,” Bana adds. Good thing! Because fans tried to spin him in every direction, hoping to nab an autograph on the Tribeca red carpet.

Star Trek releases on May 8th and the already famous actor will no doubt get beamed onto an even higher starship.

This new version of Star Trek, directed by legendary J.J. Abrams, “is s a lot of fun and the action is pretty overwhelming,” Eric told exclusively.

As the greatest adventure of all time, begins another maiden voyage… tell us what you think trekkies. Is this remake illogical? Or are you hoping it will live long and prosper?