John Stamos Happy About Strike

December 11, 2007 By:
John Stamos Happy About Strike

While everyone in the entertainment industry is bummed about this never-ending writers strike, E.R. star John Stamos is actually grateful.

He thinks the show won’t get cancelled because of the writers strike.
He tells the New York Daily News, "The writers strike will mean that a lot of pilots won't be made.?

"That will help us because we're tried and true and have enough episodes stockpiled to remain on-air well into February (08), which is getting to be pilot time.

"Besides, after 14 years, the series would take at least 14 to 19 episodes to wind up properly."

Wow, I never thought about it that way. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for most of the shows on air, especially all those cool shows that are in its first season.