Adrian Grenier: We All Want Entourage Movie

February 9, 2011 By:
Adrian Grenier: We All Want Entourage Movie

Adrian Grenier became a household name thanks to Entourage, but what's going to happen with the hit HBO show wraps?

At the SuperDry luncheon, Adrian revealed to Hollyscoop that he is busy with other projects, but a Entourage movie is on his radar. The only thing is, he needs your help!

When asked about the possibility of an Entourage movie Adrian told HS, “That’s what they’re saying. I think we all want it!"

But he needs everyone's help, "Get online and start making a ruckus.”

Good news Adrian, producer Mark Wahlberg is totally all about it.

“Hopefully [it will happen] right after we shoot the last season," he told Hollyscoop exclusively at The Fighter movie premiere.

First Sex and the City movie and now Entourage? Hopefully Sopranos could be next!

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