Enrique Iglesias Sued for Running Over Girl's Foot

May 5, 2009 By:
Enrique Iglesias Sued for Running Over Girl's Foot

Singer Enrique Iglesias is being sued by the mother of an 11 year-old girl for emotional distress after she witnessed him allegedly run over her daughters foot.

Lizette Torres and her daughter Susan Bonilla are suing Enrique and his manager Fernando Giaccardi, claiming Fernando backed up his vehicle in an "unsafe manner" while on a private property.

Apparently the little girl rushed over to the car to get an autograph from Enrique and had her foot run over by accident. The incident happened back in 2007, but since times are tough, Lizette figured she'd finally cash in on her "emotional" experience.

She claims she suffered "emotional injury and emotional shock to her nervous system causing her damages." She's asking for $25,000 in damages.

The little girl walked away without injuries, so it sounds like the mother is just using his celebrity status as an excuse to milk some money out of him. What are your thoughts?