Movie Review: Enchanted

December 12, 2007 By:
Movie Review: Enchanted

Quirky, cute, funny, tender, catchy. These are all words that can be used to describe the film 'Enchanted.' The romantic comedy that's half cartoon and half musical, is all fun. I am a cartoon buff -even though my cartoons now range from The Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy- I have never forgotten the Walt Disney cartoons from the old days. Not only have I seen every single one of them, I own over 85% of them. Enchanted takes some of these old Disney classics and adds a new flair and twist to them, making it a wonderful movie going experience.

A fairy tale princess, Giselle, played by the wonderful Amy Adams (Talladega Nights, Catch Me If You Can, Oscar-nominated Junebug, and the upcoming Charile Wilson's War), is banished from her better than perfect animated world of Andalasia after she is tricked by the evil Queen Narissa (need no introduction, Susan Sarandon). After being pushed down a well and banished, Giselle is forced to make her way through the anything but "Enchanted,” mean streets of New York City. After many funny encounters with not so funny New Yorkers, Giselle runs into divorce lawyer Robert Phillip, played by Patrick Dempsey (I know him as Ronald Miller from Can't Buy Me Love, but you might know him from Grey's Anatomy), who knows that there is no such thing as a fairy tale happy ending. As Giselle befriends Robert she realizes that Robert may be her real prince charming, even though she had already promised herself to an actual prince, Prince Edward played by James Marsden (The Notebook, X-Men, Superman Returns, Hairspray) back home in the animated world. As Giselle tries to find her way home, and Prince Edward tries to find Giselle, the evil queen Narissa realizes if she wants to end Giselle's life, it is better to just do it herself. The best character in the film is the little squirrel friend "Pip" that Giselle has, who is accidentally pushed down the well and banished with Giselle. The transformation Pip goes through when he is out of Andalasia and now lost in New York is classic. Pip himself is worth the price of admission.

A fun family movie that everyone can -and will- enjoy. The characters are great, the music is good, and the change from the animated world to the world of New York is excellent. Amy Adams has never, and I am hoping will never, disappoint. She is so lovely! She was charmingly and exquisitely beautiful in Junebug (where she was nominated for a best actress Oscar), she was even lovelier in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and she is even more glamorous in Enchanted.

Pat the Movie Critic gives 'Enchanted' --- 3 1/2 Scoops.