Modern Spin on a Disney Classic Fairy Tale

November 15, 2007 By:
Modern Spin on a Disney Classic Fairy Tale

Being the cheese ball I am I am excited about the movie “Enchanted” which comes out in theatres on November 21. The film put's a modern spin to Disney’s famous characters.

Amy Adams, who plays Giselle in “Enchanted,” does a good impersonation of all the fairy tale characters from the past.

"The movie is so filled with them. I could hand you a four-page document of references to Disney movies. It goes pretty deep," director Lima says. "On the surface there are things like the poison apple, the old hag, the dragon — everyone gets that sort of stuff. On a much deeper level, there's a real geek game you can play with this movie in finding the references."

If you were a fan of Disney fairy tales, and you want to see something different, this is the perfect Disney movie to watch.