The Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences Releases Emmy Key Art

July 18, 2012 By:
The Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences Releases Emmy Key Art

The nominations for the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards are going to be released tomorrow morning and we're all waiting to hear who gets the nod from their peers. Today, The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences unveiled the artwork for the event.

And they’re really excited about the “clean, bold illustration of the Emmy statuette in a “heroic” stance.”

But first, if you’ve ever wondered what the deal was with the statue of the naked angel with the lightening bolt wings holding the whole world in her hands, here’s the history.

Designed in 1948, it’s a "muse of art, uplifting the electron of science."

TV was still new, so that’s the magical science. The programming is the art. And who doesn’t like nakedness?

The statue itself is named Emmy after some kind of tube thing called an Immy, that was key in television technology.

So now you know.

Moving on to the imagery that’s got the whole academy’s hearts beating aflutter: “Emmy’s pose draws the eye upward through the electron ball, towards her name in a shimmering font that hangs in a royal blue nighttime sky.”

The image is a tribute to the beauty of Emmy herself, the glamour of the event, and bringing all those stars together.

It’s nothing short of poetry… in a poster.

The nominations will be announced by Kerry Washington of "Scandal" and Nick Offerman of "Parks and Recreation" on Thursday at 5:40 AM PST, and will be streamed live on

Then tune in to ABC for the main event, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel on September 23.