Is Emma Watson the New Natalie Portman?

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Is Emma Watson the New Natalie Portman?
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Congratulations are in order for Emma Watson, the actress/intellectual extraordinaire, because on Sunday she graduated from Brown University.


This milestone puts Emma in a class of actresses who’ve somehow gone to Ivy League schools while maintaining A-list status in Hollywood, like Natalie Portman who graduated from Harvard in 2003.


We don’t have a REAL Harvard image for the graduate, so this "SNL" spoof will have to do.

This begs the question, is Emma Watson the NEW Natalie Portman?

Emma has been pretty vocal about her love of academia.


And Natalie Portman was famously plastered all over Harvard’s promotional images while she was a student there.


But beyond the fact that they both went to East Coast colleges, both women have solidified their place as their respective generations' “realistic celebrity crush.”

For YEARS, literally YEARS, if you asked ANY college-educated, marginally attractive dude who his celebrity crush was, they ALL said Natalie Portman.


Natalie was the celeb crush for guys who didn’t have enough self-esteem to even want an imaginary girlfriend like Scarlett Johansson. Guys who were afraid that even their celebrity crush might reject them, so they settled for the quasi-attainable "real girl" in Natalie. 

We think dudes felt that if they somehow met Natalie Portman, they could woo her with their intellect and relatability. She was smoking hot, yet somehow a girl that you could maybe actually date if you met in real life.

But then Natalie grew up, had a kid and got married and, like most women in Hollywood, it unfortunately killed her sex appeal. 

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And then in walked Emma Watson.

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By the time Emma Watson had grown out of her adolescent “Harry Potter” phase, she became the new celeb crush for dudes who would have crushed on Natalie Portman, if only she hadn’t matured to the advanced age of, ulch, 29.


Emma Watson has all the traits that men loved in Natalie Portman: natural beauty, low maintenance, intelligence, talent, distaste for fame, “realness," and that extra something that made her seem like a "real girl" in the same way Natalie Portman did. 

Emma Watson’s not phony like Kim Kardashian, she’s not dramatic like Anne Hathaway, she’s not too hot like Scarlett Johansson, she’s not too abrasive like Jennifer Lawrence and she’s not out-of-your-league like Mila Kunis. She’s just a seemingly normal and pretty girl like Natalie Portman.

So really, Emma Watson IS the NEW Natalie Portman.