Emma Watson Goes Topless

March 21, 2013 By:
Emma Watson Goes Topless
Image By: James Houston

First Emma Watson is stealing Paris Hilton's pink rhinestone sunglasses in The Bling Ring and now she's stealing the Internet's attention by stripping down to nothing.

Now if you're the kind of Emma Watson fan who whispers things like "I want to Granger her Hermione" while watching any of the Harry Potter movies because you are a definitive pervvvv, then stop reading, click away, go back to the dirty, dark corner of Reddit from whence you came.

Because you'll be sorely disappointed to learn that this nude photo shoot comes complete with all kinds of strategically placed hands and arms to cover up her lady Watson parts.

If you're a true blue Emma fan, however, you'll be pleased to know the motive behind her naked turn: an environmental cause.

Through the help of photographer James Houston, Emma ditched her top and bra, then threw the fashion equivalent of an Invisibility Cloak over select parts of her bod (elbow in the foreground over a breast, wrist casually covering her nip, etc.) for the photo book Natural Beauty. And there's nothing more natural than (un)dressing like Adam and Eve.

The eco-conscious project includes portraits of celebs and models going au naturel for Global Green USA, a U.S. affiliate of the Green Cross International, where Emma burglarizes the spotlight.

Then again stealing stuff from Paris Hilton purely for our entertainment is also a good cause in my opinion. It's okay, you don't have to, we're already writing the letter to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee on our behalf.