New Couple Alert! Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

June 22, 2011 By:
New Couple Alert! Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

The stars of “The Amazing Spider-Man” are together. Spider Man himself, Andrew Garfield is said to be dating co-star Emma Stone.

A source tells Us Weekly, “They haven’t gone public, but he’s told his friends. They got close during filming and have been hooking up.”

So are they dating or hooking up? I don’t know if it’s different in the celebrity world, but for normal people, dating and hooking up are two entirely different things. Dating is like “Do you want to come to my sisters wedding with me?” and hooking up is like “why do you only text me after 1am?”

Garfield broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years, ‘Raising Hope’ actress, Shannon Woodward, not even a month ago and Emma Stone and boyfriend Kieran Culkin also split recently.

Garfield and his ex supposedly ended things because filming on “The Amazing Spider-Man” took up so much of his time. A source says, “They drifted apart as Andrew got deeper into filming...he literally never saw her.”

Whatever, Garfield realized he became uber-famous overnight and dumped his TV actress girlfriend so he can get some A-List action.

However, Garfield claims he would never change his lifestyle just because of his new celeb status in Hollywood. “There’s nothing interesting about my life. I’m not stumbling out of clubs at four in the morning, you know? So there’s absolutely no reason for that to happen.”

Stone and Garfield sat close to one another at the MTV Movie Awards and apparently flirted throughout the show. I hope they are a new young couple because K-Stew and R-Patz are boring and Justin and Selena are annoying. Hollywood, make room for Emma and Andrew.