Making a Difference: Emma Stone and Halle Berry Rock Hot Lips in Cancer PSA

September 20, 2012 By:
Making a Difference: Emma Stone and Halle Berry Rock Hot Lips in Cancer PSA

Nothing gives us that warm fuzzy feeling like actors using their celebrity to do good.

Emma Stone and Halle Berry are lending their lips and voices to spread the word about the importance of cancer screening in a new video message. The PSA is part of the Revlon Cares campaign.

“Halle Berry and I did a PSA… Whatever,” Emma Stone nonchalantly jokes in behind-the-scenes video footage.

The PSA opens on extreme close-ups of the women’s lips as they read their message.

“These lips can flirt, laugh, turn heads…” Emma and Halle read, the camera pulling back to reveal their full, A-lister faces. “These lips can save lives."

The announcement continues, encouraging viewers to talk to their friends and family to about what they know about cancer, and encouraging them to get screenings.

“Because, with cancer, the sooner you detect it, the greater your chances of survival,” says Halle.

The concept of the PSA was to highlight the issue using beauty to convey the message.

“We sort of did a play on how we can use our lips, while wearing lipstick, to laugh, to flirt and to spread the word about cancer, and encourage other women to do the same,” Halle says in an on camera interview.

Emma says, “The most major thing that we can do with our lips, of course, is talk.”

Revlon has raised over $75 million for the cancer-fighting movements through campaigns like this and their EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women since 1990.

In addition to this PSA, Revlon will be launching a print campaign, featuring Emma and her mother, who is a breast cancer surivor.