Emma Stone Complains About Her Boy Body

December 11, 2012 By:
Emma Stone Complains About Her Boy Body
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As a person who models my entire style after Emma Stone (I switch between red and blonde hair whenever the actress does) I am completely devastated to read this story.

Emma “Flawless” Stone says she has a “boy body” and I don’t want to believe it.  

In an interview with some publication called Refinery29, Emma opened up about her curve-free frame.

“Well, I was kind of born with a 10-year-old boy's body. For years, I was like, 'Please let me grow some kind of curvature!' But it did not happen. So...this is my natural form for the most part. I'm sure that will change as the years go on. But, yeah, I have a boy body,” says the actress.

Well, her so-called boy body managed to catch the eye of Andrew Garfield. Oh wait, that’s not what I mean! I’m not trying to say Andrew Garfield likes boys, oh gawwd, get me out of this sentence!

Emma continues to lament her bony body, “I’ve kind of given up the ghost on that one. It’s not happening. I wish. I’d kill for some cha-chas and a tuckus!”

A tuckus? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Emma, the self-deprecating woman that she is, also decided to dish on her struggle with acne.

“I had stress acne when I was 20, when I did Easy A, which they kindly video-airbrushed out of the movie,” says the actress.

Well, we just searched for old photos from the Easy A premiere and Emma’s skin is perfect, sooo…