Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's Hotel Hook Up

August 3, 2011 By:
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's Hotel Hook Up

Why the hell not?

After promoting their 2012 flick, The Amazing Spider-Man, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were spotted having drinks in West Hollywood last week. And a source tells US Weekly they spent the night together.

Guess Emma made Andrew's spidey sense tingle. Wait, he plays spider-man right? Look at me, just tossing around these sexual Spiderman innuendos all haphazardly.

The pair has been reportedly dating since June. They apparently headed to the bar around 11 p.m, shared a couple drinks, had some snacks and cozied up to each other. A source says Garfield told the waiter: "put it on my room." He and Stone then went upstairs.

A source tells Us Weekly their relationship is "very hush-hush."

Garfield is indeed playing Spiderman in the upcoming flick. And lucky for him, there wasn't much physical preparation for the role, because Spidey is a huge nerd in real life.

"I did some research for the film including how I wanted Spidey's body to look," says Andrew. "I love the artwork that shows how lithe and skinny he is, because I'm skinny. I love the idea of a skinny teenaged kid beating the crap out of huge guys. That’s always been a dream of mine that I wanted to personally fulfill. And what better way to do it and give other skinny kids in the audience that sense of achievement as well."

Mission accomplished.