Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Move in Together

April 4, 2012 By:
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Move in Together

First Emma Stone dies her hair blonde, then her and Andrew Garfield walk a red carpet for the first time as a couple, and now she's moving in with him!

This is a great week for Emma Stone news! And she's not even pregnant!

The couple apparently moved in together in New York, “they have a really nice apartment,” a friend tells Life & Style magazine.

Err, derr, “friend,” of course they have a nice apartment, they are **famous**!

The source continues, “They're in a good place, both of them are very nice people, very down-to-earth and caring. They're just two cool people.”

The couple apparently enlisted the help of a interior designer because the friend says that “they wanted a subtle, understated look that was comfortable.”

Emma and Andrew have been together for a year, but on Emma's recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show today, Ellen asked her if she preferred kissing Andrew Garfield to her onscreen lover Ryan Gosling in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

Emma said it was like “Apples and oranges, you know? And then coyly added, “I love all fruit!”

Lol, Emma Stone for my future best friend award! Also, could you give MORE details on what it was like kissing Ryan Gosling, because “apple” just doesn't really paint a picture...ehhh, is that weird to ask? It's weird to ask.