Emma Roberts: My Family Keeps Me Grounded

April 2, 2009 By:
Emma Roberts: My Family Keeps Me Grounded

Breakthrough star Emma Roberts is headed down the A-List fast lane-- all while trying to keep her good girl image in place. Is that even possible in Hollywood?

Emma spoke candidly with Hollyscoop at the premiere of her new movie "Lymelife," which opened up the 14th Annual Gen Art Film Festival presented by Acura.

The actress, who just got her driver’s license, said, “I have a really great group of friends who I hang out with all the time. I have a great family who keeps me grounded. I do my own thing and try not to draw attention to myself.”

In comparison to Emma’s decision to minimize attention, many starlets have not found the high road as simple.

When Lindsay Lohan turned 18 she skidded away from her clean girl image and drove full speed toward Rumorville.

On the set of “Herbie Fully Loaded” reports claim she consistently showed up late, a very public separation from Wilmer Valderrama kept the “Mean Girl” in every tabloid, and Lindsay had to deal with the antics of her alcoholic father.

Today… Lindsay’s career has completely stalled out, her latest movie “Labor Pains” went straight to DVD. Ouch!

Pop sensation Britney Spears also took a turn in her career at age 17.

She posed provocatively for the cover of Rolling Stone and made headlines dancing with a python. But Britney’s real 'Oops' hit much later in life.

Post Timberland break up, we saw Britney race to the alter (twice!), shave her head, and get committed to the mental ward! Thankfully, the circus part of Britney’s life seems to be re-focused. She is back on track with a new image and a hit album.

So far, Emma Roberts has managed to avoid the potholes of young stardom. She has an Academy Award winning aunt, Julia Roberts, and a famous (some-what estranged) father Eric Roberts. But can a strong family and a solid group of friends help keep Emma out of trouble, forever? Tell us what you think!