Emma Roberts Dishes on the Hazards of 'Young Hollywood'

November 3, 2011 By:
Emma Roberts Dishes on the Hazards of 'Young Hollywood'

Ahh young Hollywood, where the party doesn’t stop and the DUI’s come easy. But just because starlets like Lindsay Lohan are making the rest of young Hollywood look bad, that doesn’t mean every celeb under 25 is also like that.

Emma Roberts, the 20 year-old actress and niece to Julia Roberts stopped by the Grand Opening of Denim Habit in New York City on Tuesday night. She talked fashion and denim, but most importantly, this young actress gave us the dish on why she could never be a Hollywood bad girl.

“I have a really good family and friends so I think that helps me stay grounded as far as not going crazy,” Roberts tells Hollyscoop.

Even though she was out and about in NYC for the Denim Habit party, she says when she’s home in LA she rarely goes out.

“I’m actually more of a homebody when I’m in LA,” admits Roberts, “New York is where I get to go out and have fun. But when I’m home I never go out.”

It could be that LA sucks and NY is awesome, either way, If you don’t go out, you can’t get in trouble. Well played Emma Roberts.

Other young Hollywood celebs have told Hollyscoop how they’ve managed to stay out of trouble even though “it just kind of comes with being in the limelight,” according to Audrina Patridge of The Hills fame.

Lil Romeo, who basically grew up on camera, gives his advice for how he walks the straight and narrow.

“I definitely say keep your head up, growing up in the lime, a lot of people are going to point….Just live your life, people are always going to talk, your the only person that could live your life, live it be happy,” the young MC tells Hollyscoop.

Back in the day, Corey Feldman was THE Hollywood Bad Boy. Now a reformed member, he shares his advice for the new set of young Hollywood, “Don't be part of Young Hollywood. That is probably the best advice I can give.”

Jason Derulo, the young pop singer who is-or-isn’t dating Jordin Sparks says, “My advice would just be do what you want to do…live your life and try to stay positive.”

While he may not be “young Hollywood” anymore, David Arquette has had his fair share of public mishaps. He tells the new generation that “you have to have a thick skin. Believe in yourself [and] Don’t do things that take you down a road that will affect your career.”