Emma Roberts Buys $1.4 Million Hollywood Hills Home

February 2, 2012 By:
Emma Roberts Buys $1.4 Million Hollywood Hills Home

At 20-years-old Emma Roberts has just splashed out on a $1.4 million Hollywood Hills estate.

Uhh, when I was 20 I lived in a box that was deceivingly described as an apartment, and I slept in a bunk bed and thought that having a mini fridge in my bedroom was a big deal. Emma Roberts has a private gym in her million-dollar home. Life is so unfair.

The Hollywood home has three bedrooms, which is kind of over the top for a single 20-year-old but not nearly enough bedrooms for celebrity standards. Where is she going to house all her shoes? What about the obligatory game room to put the pool table (I used to watch a lot of MTV Cribs: Athlete edition)?

The house comes with a personal gym, living room, media room, a music studio, and a secluded garden. However, the listing does note that it doesn’t have a pool. Are you kidding me? NO POOL! This is an outrage!

However, the young Emma Roberts admitted to Jay Leno recently that owning a home is really hard. You know like, it’s big and there are lawns to mow, and lots of floors to clean, and also stuff breaks and you have to get someone to fix it, or the maid didn’t show up one day and so Emma refused to use any of the bathrooms, probably. #celebrityproblems

“It’s a huge responsibility,” says Roberts, “I didn’t realize how much work goes into having a house. I thought when I got my house I would have friends over all the time, but I’m so crazy about anything getting scratched or spilled, I’ve turned into a 40-year-old woman stopping people and asking them to use a coaster.”

Too bad Emma Roberts will never turn her new pad into one of those cool 80’s movie house parties, “It’s embarrassing as my friends come round and put their feet up on the couch and I get all anxious about it,” says the starlet.