Eminem's Hotel Room Burglarized

June 3, 2009 By:
Eminem's Hotel Room Burglarized

Eminem is the latest celebrity to fall victim to a burglary. Luckily, his incident didn’t occur at his home. But whoever robbed him had a field day in Eminem’s hotel room.

The NY Daily News is reporting that someone broke into Eminem’s hotel room in Los Angeles Sunday night, stealing thousands of dollars worth of items from him, including a $60K diamond necklace, and his personal laptop.

Talk about getting the sh*t end of the stick this week! First he gets Bruno’s backside in his face, and then the poor guy is robbed!

Thankfully for Em, his album Relapse is at No.1 on the charts right now, so at least he can be grateful for that! But he may want to think about beefing up his security a little better when he’s on the road!