Eminem Reveals Scary Bullying Story

October 19, 2010 By:
Eminem Reveals Scary Bullying Story

This is hard to imagine…Eminem was bullied as a kid! The controversial rapper was reportedly bullied so badly back in school that his mother ended up suing!

The Smoking Gun has the documents that prove that Eminem was beaten so severely that he suffered a cerebral concussion, post-traumatic headaches, intermittent loss of vision and hearing, and other injuries to his head, face, back, and neck.

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His mother sued the local school board for failing to sufficiently protect her child. Unfortunately the lawsuit, which sought in excess of $10,000 in damages, was eventually dismissed on the grounds of governmental immunity.

His mother claims the particular bully was so horrible to her son that he suffered from "nightmares and anti-social behavior.”

Eminem got his revenge on this bully, named in the papers as Deangelo Bailey, in his 1999 song “Brain Damage.”

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Some of the lyrics went:

"He banged my head against the urinal till he broke my nose/ Soaked my clothes in blood, grabbed me and choked my throat."

Bailey sued the rapper for violating his privacy in 2001 but admitted in interviews that he bullied Eminem. A judge later tossed Bailey's lawsuit.

Just goes to show you that bullying is happening everywhere and to all walks of people. It needs to stop!