Eminem Lands New Movie Role--In 3D!

November 10, 2009 By:
Eminem Lands New Movie Role--In 3D!

Eminem is one of few artists that’s not only lyrically talented, but has amazing acting skills as well.

He has a few Grammy's and an Oscar under the belt, so any director would be happy to work with him. Just ask Joseph Hahn.

Eminem has landed a role in the upcoming horror flick Shady Talez, his first major movie role since 2002. He will play a different role in each of the three parts of Shady Talez, which will be shot in 3D.

“Having worked with him so many times, the thing people don’t realize is that he’s a fantastic actor,” said music video director Joseph Hahn.

“He actually stays in character on set. He’s a method actor, like Daniel Day Lewis.”

Not only will he act in the movie, he's also co-written the script. Now that's what we call talent!