Eminem and Kim Kardashian Come Face to Face

June 2, 2009 By:
Eminem and Kim Kardashian Come Face to Face

Needless to say, Eminem and Kim Kardashian are not friends. He enjoys making fun of her via his music, along with countless other celebrities he deems worthy of dissing.

Last night both Eminem and Kim were present at the event “Activision Hosts the Debut of DJ-Hero.” It was the first time they’d come face-to-face since he parodied Kim in his hit song We Made You.

Eminem took the stage to perform that very song, which could have a been quite the awkward situation for Kim, since she was sitting in the front row! But sources tell Hollyscoop exclusively that Kim said she had no hard feelings towards Eminem, and just laughed it off.

Luckily, last night’s event didn’t feature any audience participation, so Eminem didn’t get up in Kim’s face or anything.

The source also tells Hollyscoop, “Considering he probably offended 99% of the celebs there at one point or another, everyone seemed to be enjoying the show and not caring what the lyrics were, or who was being offended. Kim is a good example, considering she's been his latest target. And she seemed totally fine.”

This isn’t surprising for Kim, since she never likes being a part of a Hollywood catfight. But Eminem never passes up the opportunity to diss a fellow celeb! Could he be losing his touch? Or maybe Eminem doesn’t think Kim is worth getting into a fight with!